Break the Range Anxiety

EVs in India

New mobility challenges

India has so far struggled to adopt electric vehicles. To enable mass adoption of EVs, technologies have to overcome major 3 challenges of the industry:

  1. Range Anxiety
  2. High cost
  3. Lack of charging infrastructure

CotZero System

Advanced technologies to address India centric challenges in EVs mass adoption.

Fast Charging

High power charging to recharge in a small break

Scalable Technology

Future proof technology for manifold usage

Smart AC System

Proprietary technology for AC charging

Cost Effective

Highly cost efficient in comparison to conventional systems

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced AI platform to provide optimized charging


While conventional technologies face the classic chicken egg problem, with our proprietary system, we have undertaken the mission to enable mass adoption of EVs in India.

Cost Parity

Advanced features at no cost overhead


Technically and geographically scalable solution

India Centric

Solution to fit in Indian infrastructure.

Novel Technology

Future proof, proprietary technology.


We are multifold better than other alternate systems.

Running Cost | Grid Upgradation Requirements | Setup Cost

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Mass adoption of EVs is decisive for a sustainable future. We are on a mission to enable mass adoption of EVs in India. If you want to build a beautiful future, join us!

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With technology, you will be reshaping the destiny of mobility. Our creations together will be the centerpiece of India's green energy revolution.
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